Gerard Ryan -

Australian - based in Brisbane

I am a hard working graduate from Queensland University of Technology admitted with a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment with Distinction. Majoring in Software Technologies and minoring in Advanced Software Technologies my strengths align with disciplined programming in various languages and many development environments. With Electives in networking and a networked multiplayer capstone project other strengths and interests lie in client/server development and high performance, low level programming. Coinciding with my academic transcript and personal projects I am highly motivated to achieve and deliver the best possible products for projects that take my interest. I work best with other equally motivated individuals and tend to pick up the slack with the less motivated to reach set deadlines. Aligned with my structured mindset I like to follow a clean and consistent style guide and method/class structure with an almost verbose naming convention. Having a strong interest in competitive team multiplayer games coupled with a goal oriented work ethic I thrive in strongly communicative teams when achieving a common goal but am also independently capable and resourceful when set on something.

In my free time I like to keep up with emerging technologies and delve into deploying interesting but simple electrical systems with supporting software. In a less constructive vein I enjoy playing competitive multiplayer games including Insurgency and Overwatch and many narrative games. Other interests include a large collection of music and baking deserts and pies.